How to maintain UPVC Doors & UPVC Windows: Locksmith Tips

Modern UPVC doors and windows are in most of Bristol’s homes, but they are not completely maintenance free. UPVC lock and hinges really benefit from a little TLC which can help their long term condition. Follow the tips below and you will be able to minimise the wear on your UPVC fittings for a longer product life.

1. Oil the working parts

Oil the locking strip on the edge of the door or window at the very least annually (it’s best every 6 months). Here’s where all the bolts and other locking parts operate. Open the door or window and use the handle through full normal rotation up and down to work the oil into all the moving parts. If any of these parts have failed its likely best to call out your local locksmith for UPVC lock repairs.

Important note about oils.

Don’t use sticky traditional oils like WD-40. WD-40 is great for purpose: it displaces water and oil really well, but if left in place WD-40 will eventually make your lock stickier. The problem is oils like WD-40 go sticky over time and collect dust and gunk deep inside the lock. You are better off using modern silicon or PTFE lubricants. AA Lock & Key locksmiths prefer to use “APECS DRY LUBE” a professional lubricant specifically designed for lock fittings. This goes on wet, cleans the lock out, displaces moisture, but then dries to a non-stick dry coating. WD-40 also does a DRY PTFE lubricant and GT-85 is a similar product, and you might find these more generally available.

2. A quick clean

Thankfully, UPVC doors and windows are much lower maintenance than traditional wood products. However, a regular once over of your door, windows and frame with some soap and water makes a long term difference in preventing the build up of any dirt or grime. It’s possible for muck to build up over time and cause problems for door or window mechanisms.

To clean the frames and panels of your UPVC doors and windows, you only need a soft sponge and warm soapy water. Don’t use anything abrasive as micro-scratches will only encourage grime to take hold. The soap doesn’t need to be fancy it can be normal hand soap or washing up liquid. Just be thorough and clean all around all the surfaces. Remember to start from the top and work your way down. Finally, dry the surface with a soft cloth.

We really recommend avoiding harsher chemicals (certainly anything with ammonia in it) or any kind of solvent as they might damage UPVC or other fittings, and you shouldn’t need them to shift the dirt. Same goes for any door furniture hardware attached like handles, knockers, hinges, letterbox, etc. Here you can buff to a shine once clean and dry.

3. Other bits

Inspect the seals when you clean. The rubber seals can be a little trickier than the UPVC itself. Here it’s best to be really careful with chemicals, as even some non-abrasive ones may cause the seals to peel. So again, soapy water works great. Grime can build up in the corners, especially on the external side, but be careful not to poke too hard at them.

Ventilation control should be maintenance free! Some UPVC windows are fitted with a simple trickle ventilation unit, found along the top of the frame. This is built so that you can control ventilation and minimise any build up of condensation. You can open or close most ventilators by moving a control to the left or right. No maintenance is required.


Fitting Key Safes From Master

Master Key Safe

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a strong metal box that stores your keys securely. It is installed outside of a property and makes the keys accessible with a pin code. This means keys can be accessible outside your home to anyone with the PIN; you, your trusted relatives, or emergency responders.

Why do I need a key safe fitted in Bristol?

AA Lock & Key key safe fitting service is becoming increasingly popular in Bristol. Key safes are used for a variety of reasons it’s a secure way to leave your keys outside the house. Stop hiding your keys under the doormat or under a flower pot!

  • You may have a vulnerable relative living alone. It’s not unusual that they would have difficulty answering the door. An outdoor key safe is one way relatives and trusted care professionals can visit their home.
  • Multiple people accessing small business premises may find it easier to have a key safe installed.
  • Rental-home owners will often find it most convenient to leave keys in a coded key safe for retrieval by renters who have been given access.
  • Perhaps you’re a little forgetful? A key safe is a great backup.

What type of key safe should i have fitted in Bristol?

Master key safes are the market leader and produce super secure key safes. We stock many of the Master key safe range and will discuss the most suitable option for your needs. With Master

Master Key Safe Interior

Key safes you can set your own combination and AA Lock & Key will be happy to show you how. Master key safes are fitted with shutter doors, protecting the mechanisms offering good weather resistance and a bit of discretion.

There are many types of Master key safe and AA Lock & Key can help choose the right one for you. All Master Key safes are protected by a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Speak to one of our friendly locksmiths in Bristol about getting your Master key safe fitted today, call 0784 666 2889.

Master Lock Outdoor Key Safe

There’s Always a “Locksmith Near Me” With AA Lock & Key

Bristol & Bath Locksmith Picking a Lock

One of the first questions we get asked is “Do you serve my area?”. The short answer is yes! AA Lock & Key Locksmiths cover all areas of Bristol and Bath. We offer 24-hour emergency locksmithing services whether you are in Bath, Keynsham, or Portishead! Our areas covered page has a list of local areas in the Bristol and Bath area that we cover and will answer your question of if there’s a locksmith near me.

Can’t see your area listed? Just call on 0784 666 2889, we are happy to work out of area on request!

Locksmiths Near Me

AA Lock & Key have been the local locksmiths to the Bristol and Bath areas for over a decade, providing excellent 24-hour emergency locksmith services. We also provide commercial and local residential locksmithing services across Bristol & Bath. These include mobile key cutting, lock replacements and lock repairs. Because of this, we have reviews on Google from many happy customers like the one below:

After an attempted break-in on my property and a set of house keys gone missing I needed to urgently get my locks changed. I phoned up AA Lock & Key, and Craig answered, saying he’d be around straight away. 15 minutes later he was there and secured my property. Very fast, efficient, professional & friendly. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone else.
Matt L

Your comfort and safety are our top priority. All our locksmiths are fully CRB checked and trained to high Master Locksmiths Association standards. You can rely on us to get to you, wherever you are in the Bristol or Bath area, in half an hour, where we’ll see you safely inside, make any lock repairs or replacements, and leave you feeling secure.

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Wow! 4,000 callouts and customers since AA Lock & Key first opened it’s doors. The key to our success has been dedicated customer service, delivered by putting our customer needs first. Our jobs are both residential and commercial, and our 4,000th was Jeremy in Filton. Thanks Jezza, may your new lock serve you well :)

One of the reasons for our large volume of jobs is we supply an emergency locksmithing service. That means we’re available around the clock. We’ll be there for you for those awful midnight moments whether its the classic “I’m locked out and its raining!” or the “I’m closing up shop and the front door won’t close properly, what do I do?“. We’ve got experts ready and waiting for your call. We’ll get a handle on your door situation in no time!


Mr D Hughes – Bristol

I searched Yellow Pages in August 2013 and got 3 local telephone quotes. AA Lock and Key were the best price and could be round in 30 minutes to fix my back door lock. True enough Craig arrived within 30 minutes and fitted a new euro lock. I would recommend Craig of AA Lock and Key to anyone in Bristol.

Mrs S Shaw – Bristol

When our UPVC door would not lock, a relative suggested AA Lock and Key locksmiths, who had done a job for him previously. AA Lock and Key arrived within the hour, Craig was very pleasant and showed us the broken locking unit. Craig explained that the locking mechanism on our door needed to be replaced. Once the new lock was fitted the door locked like new and is guaranteed. This was the best recommendation we have ever had. Thank you AA Lock and Key.

Mr T Elwell – Bristol

I called AA lock and Key locksmiths recently as I was locked out after leaving my keys indoors! Within 30 minutes as promised Craig arrived and opened my door very quickly with no damage. I would recommend AA Lock and Key locksmiths to anyone in Bristol.

Mrs L Smith – Bristol

AA Lock and Key were fantastic! They arrived quickly and gave me some great advice on security on our new home. We are very happy with all work done and now feel secure. We would recommend their services to everyone.

Mrs S Withey – Bristol

AA Lock and Key locksmiths arrived within 30 minutes and sorted out my lock on my front door! Great price, great service and finally my lock is working properly.

Mrs L Motrem – Bristol

Thank you for the speedy change of locks and all the help and advice!! Highly recommended.